Adrienne Young
Adrienne Young
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Social Media - Priime

At Priime, I managed and developed the social media strategy for all of Priime's Instagram posts and stories, Snapchat stories, Facebook posts, and Twitter accounts. I would engage with the online Priime community through social media, create content for our posts, queue up social media campaigns for new product launches, and feature user generated content edited with Priime on our accounts. 

Here are some social media campaigns I worked on:

  • To promote the launch of our Mac Priime Styles app, we held a launch party in San Francisco featuring a gallery event of our favorite photos from our users. We used the #priime_launch hashtag to get users to submit over 700 Priime edited photos in two weeks, which we chose from to print for our gallery. 
  • We wanted to increase the number of users sharing Priime edited photos on Instagram. I grew the #Priime hashtag from 15k hashtags to over 173k hashtags in two years. 
  • To promote the launch of our Everlane x Priime styles, we collected all user photos edited with the new styles on the #EVxPriime hashtag.