Viral Content & Memes

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Case study: Ariana Grande Meme

Objective: Having the third largest following on Instagram of any account (following @instagram and @cristiano), Ariana Grande is one of the biggest celebrities online today. We wanted to get her attention to gift her in hopes that she would post her PR gift box to social media.

Strategy: Knowing how active Arianna is on Twitter, I created and tweeted this meme using images of Fenty Beauty products with her lyrics to catch her attention and start the conversation between her and Fenty Beauty.

Results: Arianna Grande retweeted our meme, engaged with us on social media, and tweeted about Fenty Beauty. Through this relationship, we are able to contact her and send her product which she posted a video of her PR box filled with Fenty Beauty product to her Instagram Stories (video reposted here). Arianna also tweeted hinting at a Fenty Beauty mention on her upcoming album and mentions Fenty Beauty in her next album “Thank U, Next” on the track “Makeup” which ends up on the iTunes top 10 chart.

Press: Billboard, Refinery29, POPSUGAR, Bustle, PAPER Mag, Captial FM
Awards: Shorty Awards (2018) Best Use of a Meme, Gold distinction

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Case study: Holiday Gift Guide with Tiffany “New York” Pollard

Objective: For the holidays, we wanted to come up with a holiday gift guide unlike any other brand by incorporating brash humor that fit our brand voice and meme culture. We decided that Tiffany “New York” Pollard would be the perfect person to give an authentic, funny holiday gift guide to help sell our core and holiday collection.

Responsibilities: Developed idea and concept, wrote jokes and key talking points for product, produced video shoot, coordinated talent and hair and makeup artists logistics on day of shoot, supervised prop detail, developed secondary promotional material, approved all editing rounds.

Result: Over 3.9 million views on video and promotional videos across social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), top brand on Twitter leading engagement for the month (according to analytics from Talkwalker provided to MobileMarketer)

Press: Refinery29, POPSUGAR, W Magazine, Vibe, Ebony, The Root
Awards: Shorty Awards (2018) Best Use of Comedy Video, Bronze Distinction

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Viral Moments Through Memes and Engagement

Objective: Use Twitter as a platform to consistently hop on viral memes and moments to create a funny and relatable brand voice as well as “surprise and delighting” consumers with cheeky responses and giftings.

Responsibilities: Created copy for and produced all Tweets including: engaging with audience, coming up viral memes, producing and editing photos and videos for Twitter to go viral and gain PR buzz.

- “Fenty Beauty Retweets New Cell Shape That Looks Like Match Stix”, Teen Vogue
- “Fenty Beauty Fan Discovers Secret Use for Match Stix”, Teen Vogue
- “Rihanna's Fenty Beauty responds to husband's epic anniversary-gift fail”, USA Today
- “Fenty Beauty Replies to Fan Who Helped Her Brother Pay for His Dorm”, Teen Vogue
- “Fenty Beauty Is Replacing All The Products That Were Stolen From A Loyal Customer”, Allure
- “Fenty Beauty Replaced a Customer's Stolen Beauty Products”, Teen Vogue
- “Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Is Replacing This Woman's Stolen Products Because Fenty Is Family”, Bustle
- “Rihanna Rewarded A Fan For "Rihcycling" A Fenty Beauty Container Into Weed Storage”, Buzzfeed
- “Rihanna Cosigns Storing Your Weed In Her Fenty Beauty Packaging”, HelloBeautiful
- “'Rihduce, Rihuse, Rihcycle!' Makeup lover goes viral after using her empty Fenty Beauty packaging to hide her WEED – and even Rihanna's brand is applauding her clever storage hack”, DailyMail
- “When There’s a Lunchroom Meme About Brands, Everyone Wants a Seat at the Table”, Adweek
- “‘He’s Not Your Man’ Meme Becomes New Advertising Tool”,
- “You’ve heard of hot girl summer — but have you heard about the girl who started it?”, The Diamondback

Awards: Shorty Awards (2018) Best Use of a Meme, Gold distinction