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Content Creation

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Instagram Stories

Overview: Our Instagram Stories at Fenty Beauty are a mix of product education, tutorials, product launch announcements, Q&As, and funny engaging content that I owned from strategy, content creation, to posting.
Responsibilities: Owned all strategy, content creation, and posting for Instagram Stories including: developing content calendar, creating Instagram Story specific storyboards and content, editing Instagram Stories content on Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, designing templates, creating text and graphic stories.

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Overview: When launching new products at Fenty Beauty, we utilize a mix of product and model photos and videos to post to promote and support launches.

Responsibilities: Create content including shooting, directing, and editing photo and video content for Fenty Beauty’s Instagram (for retailers and Rihanna to use as well) as needed to help support product and according to product strategy.

Samples of work: Boots UK Launch For Rihanna (Modeled in, shot, and edited), Savage X Fenty NYFW Backstage (Shot and edited video), Body Lava Launch Promo (Shot and edited video), Mini Set Promo (Modeled in, shot, and edited), Arm Swatches for Brow Launch (Model in, shot, and edited), Liquid Diamond Bomb Launch Promo (Shot and edited video)

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Overview: Our Twitter is where Fenty Beauty connects with our audience and where the Fenty Beauty brand voice comes through. I help support this through writing tweets and creating and editing content to create constant buzz on our feed.

: Create content calendar and Twitter strategy, create constant on-brand tweets, shooting and editing content for Twitter, fully managing social media platform.

Samples of work: Jordan Peele Meme (Copy and video edit), Flyliner Text Convo (Copy for tweet and video), Bronzer Promo (Copy and video edit), PR Box Promo (Copy, shot and edited video), Concealer Promo (Copy, shot photo)

Press: “Did You Know Your BFF Runs Fenty's Twitter Account?”, Into The Gloss (wrote all Tweets mentioned)

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Overview: Fenty Beauty broke through to the Gen Z audience through developing viral TikTok specific content to increase brand awareness as one of the few beauty brands on TikTok.

Responsibilities: Create strategy on posting and content creation schedule, testing out different types of content on our channel, content creation specifically meant for and shot natively within the TikTok app, organized influencer event in Los Angeles with TikTok team for major TikTok influencers to create Fenty Beauty brand awareness and stations to create content with our product.

Results: Grew following from 10k (in January 2018) to 200k (June 2019) with several TikTok videos going viral on the "For You" page where they reached millions of views.

Samples of work: Viral Dance (Modeled in, produced, and edited), Concealer Tutorial (Modeled in, shot, and edited), Eyeliner Swatches (modeled in, shot, and edited), Lipstick Tutorial (modeled in, shot, and edited)

Press: “Is TikTok the Next Big Beauty Space?”, W Magazine