Shannon Falls & Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

Shannon Falls & Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

Squamish, British Columbia

About an hour drive north of Vancouver lies Squamish, British Columbia; it's a quaint town known for its plethora of outdoor activities. Driving up the 99 includes stunning views of snowcapped mountains that descend into lush forrest green trees and teal waters. We drove through winding roads, taking in all the surreal scenery in awe. 

Our first stop was Shannon Falls, where we climbed through rocks and rivers (for the fun wandering, of course-- there's a simple path that you can take) and eventually ended up in front of the behemoth of a waterfall.

Up we go

A  gondola ride later up the Sea to Sky summit, we're greeted with views above Canada and finally catch some rays after being buried under shade of tall trees down by Shannon Falls. The Sea to Sky gondola is fairly new, having opened in 2014. With a ride up, you get hiking trails that are very easy in difficulty from the top of the summit and insane (but safe!) suspension bridges. If you're up for the challenge and have the time, there are hiking trails to get to the summit with no gondola required.

The scenery is breathtaking. With every turn of the hiking paths, you get a unique view of the trees, water, and mountains. How lucky are we to live in a world where we have this much natural beauty all around us?

Note to self: go outside more often.

**All shots were edited using Priime