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Hello, Home

Adrienne Young1 Comment
Hello, Home

So it's been a while since I've posted on here. It's unlike me to not post for this long, especially because I certainly don't have a shortage of pictures and stories to post from recent travels. Time and creativity have been my biggest hurdles. 

On time

Lots of transitions have been happening lately:

  • I've been working at a photo editing app called Priime which has been incredible so far. We recently partnered with Everlane to create beautiful styles too, which has kept me busy. (Fun fact: all images in this post were taken with iPhone and edited with Priime.)
  • I've moved to SF, which I'm often exploring now. 
  • Hampton is becoming the hyper french bulldog I've always feared that he could be.

But I'm learning to balance all these new changes. Is this adulthood?

On Creativity

Lately I've been extremely lucky to meet people who are incredible photographers and brilliant creatives, which has made me hypercritical of my own work. Don't get me wrong; I'm so thankful for this. Nothing is better than seeing someone excel so much at a craft you admire to the point that it makes you rethink and reconsider your own work. Because of this, I catch myself writing posts and editing photos and blurbs for hours, but not being content enough to really post it. It used to be the case that I would be most inspired when I travel, but lately I've been picking up a camera more often at home now.

Here are a few snippets over the past two months now that I've been grounded in SF.  Thanks for being patient.