Rowing Lake Bled, Slovenia

Rowing Lake Bled, Slovenia
View from Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Where Were We Again?

At the beginning of the year, I told myself, “Of course I can take time from my social life, full time tech job, photography projects, and taking care of my new puppy (who is currently snoring away on my lap) to sit around my laptop waiting for creativity to strike so I can churn out compelling travel stories once a week. Not a problem.”. Keeping yourself consistently self-motivated to do something can hit rough spots at times. Not to mention, creating material that you’re content with pushing out into the world when you're critical of every last word can slow the process down. And now with a good quarter of the year over with, I’m fully embracing that sometimes I’ll hit the creative standstill that is writer’s block. 

After a slow down in all forms of social media plus a weekend getaway to Las Vegas for my birthday (is that really considered ‘resting’ though?), I’ve regrouped my thoughts, and I'm ready to take another crack* at it. 

*Or quack- Please refer to the image below of Slovenian duck for the terrible pun.

Let's Get Weird

Lake Bled, Slovenia is the type of place I can only dream of. Cities… they’re more or less the same. Michelin star restaurants, skyscrapers, cute alleyways, coffee shops, and the like. Awesome. Solid. 

But if you tell me that I could go to a lake and row out to an island with a castle, and explore a quiet town with hardly any cars or buildings, well, this is the rarer type of travel that I've grown to love. This is why we move thousands of miles— to experience things we could never do at home. 

Rowing in Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia
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But I'm A Wuss

Okay, so I’m a horrible rower. I could’ve guessed that about myself before even trying. Enter: Lizzy Baxter- my new homegirl from DC, my hostel-mate, a wolf and all-around nature lover (she points out all these birds in Slovenia that I know nothing about), and as luck would have it, she’s a badass rower. So I give it go at rowing us to this castle because I’ve been imagining this moment for months, and after a few feeble attempts, Lizzy offers to take over. But what she really means is "you're going the wrong way and it was a cute try, girl.". Thank god for this one.

Lake Bled is beautiful. Dips in the water, walking around the lake and eating ice cream, drinking cheap European wine… this breezy life is the epitome of summer. But add castles into the mix. I'm really into the castles.

Rowing around Lake Bled, Slovenia with a view of Bled Castle
Renting rowboats in Lake Bled, Slovenia
View of Lake Bled from Bled Castle