What I Travel With: Mophie

What I Travel With: Mophie

I'm a minimalist at home and on the road. I own few possessions and stay loyal to a very small handful of brands and items that I personally love. I share these items in the What I Travel With series. 

** PS - not sponsored. Just a fan.

Need a boost?

You've been hiking and exploring for hours into your day. You're snapping away at incredible landscapes and new sights, when you get the dreaded low battery warning. This is hands down my nightmare, traveling or not.

Breathe in, breathe out, and remember that, oh yeah, I've got two Mophie Powerstations in my backpack. Yes, I ended up with two because I thought I lost the first one and ordered another one immediately. The brand loyalty is definitely there. I prefer the Mophie over other brands specifically because the Mophie is reliable and sleek. You know it's solid when there are knockoffs on Amazon. (That being said, avoid buying a Mophie on Amazon.)

The Powerstation made by Mophie is an external battery in for the rescue. Mophie offers a series of external batteries of different sizes and capacities for whatever situation you may need, ranging from an extra boost or heavy duty recharging all day on multiple devices. Personally, the standard Mophie Powerstation is perfect for me. 

As someone who travels solo often, I would never want to get caught lost in a foreign place without any way to connect to others or find my way back in case of emergency. Simple as that, my Mophies have been a lifesaver for me over and over again.