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Paris, France

Paris coffee shop

Bonjour Paris

Sauntering down the cobblestone streets of Paris basking in glorious contentment, I have to ask myself- how has it taken this long for me to come to Paris? Between my mom’s obsession with French films (she speaks the language) and her absolute adoration of all things French fashion related, particularly the likes of Coco Chanel (she also studied fashion design), Paris felt like an obvious place to travel to.**
Look ma, I made it.

Telling others that I was en route to Paris seemed to illicit the same two wildly adamant sentiments shared by those who had previously visited the city.

1) “I love Paris. It’s so romantic. The Eiffel Tower, the cuisine, and the museums are amazing."
2) "Parisians are rude and awful."

Ten Belles Coffee Shop

& The verdict

Honestly speaking, I thought I’d fall into the latter category. Call me a cynic if you’d like, but I’ve seen enough too-filtered Eiffel Tower pictures with sprawling cursive quotes layered over it on Pinterest’s front page claiming something along the lines of “I fell in love in Paris”. Such preconceived tacky first impressions do not bode well for winning me over.

And yet, a plot twist. We find ourselves doting on all things Paris, of course. And no, I’m not saying that for the sake of easy blog content. No, I fell in love with Paris quietly and in a bit of a different manner. Less heart-eyes emoji and more closed-eyes-content-face emoji. 

You know what I’m talking about. 


It's the mundane everyday life of Paris that I've grown to love —  sitting in a coffee shop all day, scurrying into a cramped and sweaty Metro in the summer, gorging on bread and jam at the break of dawn pretending that I belonged to the city and that this was my every day routine. I seemed to have walked right past all of the lock bridge couples swearing their undying love for one another in the form of a hunk of metal that would soon be cut off, tour boat rides along the Seine, and hordes of people precariously taking pictures in the middle of Parisian roundabout traffic for a picture with the Arc de Triomphe. 

Take me to the quiet, unassuming streets and there, I am content. 

Paris streets

** - And yes, I realize the intersection of those two qualities equate to the movie “Coco Before Chanel”, and yes, I have seen it an extensive number of times.