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2015 Travel Wishlist

Adrienne YoungComment
2015 Travel Wishlist

As beautiful as 2014 was, I'm ready for the next adventure (and I know you are too, right?). So let's keep it moving; these are some of the places I'm absolutely coveting for 2015. I've had my eye of these locales for a while, and what better time to start than now? I've curated a list of places that for the adventurer, nature lover, etc. in all of us. 

 What are some of your must-see destinations you're craving to travel to in 2015?  

For the Photographer: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Why go: Home to the world's largest expanse of salt flats, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a photographer's dream for surreal landscapes. Most traveling within the salt flats happens through tour companies that take small groups on a several day tour of different areas around the salt flats in a 4x4.

How to get there: By bus or train as there are no major airports nearby. Best Bolivian cities to come from are La Paz, Oruro, or Potosi. It's also possible to reach Uyuni from Chile and Argentina as well.

Best time to go: April until October is considered the dry season, which means getting to Uyuni by bus would be easier; the rest of the year is considered the wetter season. Another factor to consider (if you're a picky photographer like I am) is what type of pictures you'd want to take. Dry season means that you'll more likely get the amazing geometric patterns of salt, and the wet season means that the salt flats will have a reflective surface (as pictured below).

For the Adventurer: Victoria Falls 

Why go: These immense falls (like twice as tall as Niagara Falls kind of immense) which are wedged between Zimbabwe and Zambia is perfect for people looking for a badass adventure. 

How to get there: By plane to Victoria Falls Airport which several South American airlines cater to from different destinations, or by train from Bulawayo.

Best time to go: December - March for the wet season. Wet season = more intense falls!


For the Culture: Kyoto, Japan

Why go: While Kyoto is a bustling city, lots of traditional areas can also be found such as Gion, the traditional Geisha district, lots of beautiful temples, and the iconic Fushimi Inari Shrine. 

How to get there: By air from the Osaka International Airport or Kansai International Airport, then by shared taxi or train to Kyoto. 

Best time to go: Fall and Spring

For the City Wanderer: Copenhagen, Denmark

Why go: Welcome to a city that is well-designed all over. Copenhagen makes city exploring easy with colorful modern architecture at every turn, museums and canals all around, and being one of the best cities to explore by bike.

How to get there: By air (did I mention that tickets from the US to Copenhagen are usually cheaper that its European counterparts too?)

Best time to go: In the spring and summertime for better weather.

For the Active Nature Lover: Norwegian Fjords

Why go: Norway has incredible landscapes because of the fjords that are characterized as steep mountains by narrow inlets due to glacial erosion. This means lots of hiking available through lush greenery, beautiful natural sights, and water activities. 

How to get there: By air. Fjords cover almost all of Norway's western coast meaning that they can be traveled to from several airports including Bergen, Alesund, and Trondheim. 

Best Time to go: Summer for those looking to hike taller mountains, as they are covered with snow for most of the colder months.