Packing For 43 Days Abroad

Packing For 43 Days Abroad
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One Everlane weekender and one Everlane backpack- that's what I consciously decided would be sufficient to handle my month and a half's worth of galavanting throughout a handful of European countries. On one hand, it wasn't easy to resist the temptation to overpack. Thinking about how much I'd miss leather boots to walk through Paris's cobblestone streets or summer dresses to manage through Italy's intense July heat; truly tough decisions were made.

In total, I had six flights and eleven train rides that I would have to lug my belongings around with. And when the horrific image of running to catch a train with a terribly heavy suitcase in hand came to mind-- well, that was enough me to deter me from packing anything at all. (I jest, but still, I had to be practical.)

What is it about vacations that make us think that we'll finally wear that dress that we bought but never touched? I'm usually all too guilty of this-- packing things I don't use. This time, I thought about my daily uniform and copied it several times over.

The result: six Everlane shirts, one Madewell tank, two dresses, two pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, two pairs of shoes, one APC crossbody bag, and one cardigan. In case you're wondering if that would even fill a weekender, it doesn't.

Bringing a lot less than what I'm used to having was a refreshing experience. It made me deeply aware of  what I had vs. what I needed. Being able to basically wear a t-shirt and shorts for a month and a half made everything terrifyingly simple; and the ability to travel lightly from place to place was beautiful.

For fun and out of curiosity, I plopped my weekender down on a check-in scale at SFO on the first day of my travels.

12.1 pounds. Not bad.

I'm off.