Snapshots through NYC

We meet again

With only four days in New York City en route to Europe, I was lucky enough to cover a considerable amount of ground as well as meet up with great people along the way. Limited time on my hands means moving quickly, waking up early, and sleeping pretty late. As hectic as it sounds, it's productive, and it's kind of my crazy style of traveling. (How is it that it never feels like you have enough time visiting NYC?)

But oh, New York-- I will never tire of ya.

Touching down

Leaving from SFO at night and landing into JFK at 7 AM, isn't ideal (especially if you agreed to meet with a friend at 10 AM). So even though I managed to squeeze in a nap between the two, caffeine was definitely the top priority on the agenda. 

Rule #1 of visiting any big city: Have a tour guide

If that brings to mind the image of hordes of tourists listening to a tour guide on a double decker bus, think again. I mean a tour guide who shares your interests who can show you all the ins and outs of the city that you'd love to see.

I like to think as Jino of my tour guide during my time here as he was seriously helpful and cool to be around, and because I spent a majority of my time with him. Jino, a talented photog who showed me around to great photo spots, art galleries and cute coffee shops, is really active photo community in NYC since he's always willing to meet up with new people and shoot around in new places. As I learned, through others as well as my personal experience, Jino is a seriously awesome guy who's fun and easy to be around. (And you can find his Instagram which is choc full of envy-inducing NYC shots here)

Day one was about checking out bridges and views, wandering through a multitude of eclectic and stunning art galleries in Chelsea, sharing laughs over Thai food, and racing to finish rapidly melting popsicles in the surprisingly sweltering July NYC heat. 


Homies and boozy brunch, of course

This one speaks for itself. I met up with Stephanie, a sweet friend who I met in Los Angeles a few months ago, and also got to meet her friends Chloe and Fabian as well as Fabian's friend, Seoju. All photographers of course. Huge ups to Jino who helped coordinate the whole thing. 

While Chloe is familiar with the New York City scene, Fabian and Seoju are two extremely talented photographers from Mexico City who although they're close friends in Mexico City, happened to both be in NYC at the same time. 

After an amazing brunch at Freeman's with a creative group, we wandered through cafes, hotels, buildings, rainy streets... Basically anything where we could laugh, shoot around, and charge our phones. Priorities.

Nothing makes friends better than having common hobbies, laughing through boozy brunch, and sharing umbrellas through a beautiful city.