Weekend in LA

City of Angels

As many times as I get the chance to go to Los Angeles, I never get quite enough time to spend there and play the tourist part. My agenda in Southern California usually consists of catching up with old high school friends or going to Disneyland. I'm gradually building up a working knowledge of this city that has so much to offer, but I know that I'm nowhere near finished. 

This trip boasted many firsts for me: my first time riding the Metro, my first time exploring the city by myself, and my first time meeting up with some new people as well. I spent my only full day in LA by riding into the Fashion District to meet up with Nino, Puno, Stephanie, and Michelle. Nino always has a knack for bringing together an eclectic group of people and setting up great hangouts.

We met up at Unique LA, an event filled with local vendors selling their homemade and handmade products. 


A grilled cheese sandwich, a rooftop view, and checkered floors.

We then had a late lunch at LA Chapter which was a vibrant and ultra-trendy restaurant located in the Los Angeles Ace Hotel. Even cooler was the rooftop filled with a fully stocked bar, a pool, and outdoor seating with gorgeous views of LA. 


And just like that, I'm gone

Wish I had more time here but, hey. It's only a 6-7 hour drive away, right? Until next time, Los Angeles.