Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta

After last year's spring break spent in New York and the one before that in Hawaii, it was only a matter of time that I'd venture to the quintessential spring break locale in Mexico. Even a day before, I was internally panicking in class waiting to get on that plane. I frantically finished my Agricultural Policy final, which during these two hours, my mind was already on a beach with a margarita, packed up a weekender bag, drank wine and ate salami made by Mario Batali's dad in Seattle (seriously) at the Wong residence, and jetted off the next morning alongside my wonderful and post-finals brain-dead study group. Cheers to graduate school, right?

Things I packed and consequently, mistakes that I made : 

  • New shoes - Never pack new shoes to break in in a new city, especially if said city is covered with rocky cobblestone streets.
  • Workout apparel - I was kidding myself into thinking I'd do anything more strenuous than lifting tacos, drinks, or my DSLR. 

Things I did not pack and consequently, even more mistakes that I made :

  • Sunscreen - Fuego.
  • A smaller bag - I love you Everlane, but I probably didn't need a whole tote bag if I was only carrying 300 pesos ( $20-ish) and my phone. 
  • A good external battery - Even with my phone on airplane mode for the week, I forgot how much battery I can manage to plow through in a day when I'm constantly snapping/ editing pictures or taking poorly shot slo-mo videos. 

Helloooo Puerto Vallarta. Guess who finally utilized those three years spent in high school learning Spanish and all of its gruesome verb conjugations? Not me. Everyone there spoke English.

Although this was my first time in Mexico, it was exactly what I'd imagined it to be. We spent our week overlooking the ocean, tanning, laying by the pool, walking around town, eating tacos, drinking to our heart's content, watching sunsets on the beach, and haggling with taxi drivers to let us fit five additional passengers in the car.

Tip: In order to accomplish this, you'll need someone fluent in Spanish and can convince that we would duck if we saw a cop, a move that we were well-rehearsed at by the end of the week. Props to Ed for the negotiations. 


Mexico was gorgeous- full of life, music, and color. While most choose to stay in their all-inclusive beach resorts (not a bad idea at all though), we decided to explore every nook and cranny of the ever eclectic Puerto Vallarta while trying all the street food in between. We even made our way out to Bucerias, a town about 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. My sunburns and feet must loathe me, but for all the sights and experiences, it was well worth it. 

Until next time, Mexico!