You guys, I am so late at life. Here are some snaps from the WorldWide InstaMeet #8 from January! A big thanks again to @mrbrock21 and @barce for hosting. There was a huge turnout, and I finally got to meet some amazing folks that I've been following on Instagram for a while. (Looking at you, @elizabethgilmore and @thereallukes!) 

I got some wonderful shots of the Golden Gate Bridge- a feat I'm particularly ecstatic about, but if you've seen any Instagram belonging to a San Franciscan, you've already seen it on your feed a million times over... Let me revel in my own mini-victories, guys.) 

I'm looking to launch a bigger project soon which is perhaps why the blog has hit a bit of a slow patch. Enjoy!

Photo Jan 11, 10 25 27 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 4 32 29 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 10 15 54 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 8 26 05 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 10 24 34 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 8 45 31 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 10 29 56 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 10 40 46 AM.jpg