Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam

Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam
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I did not want to go to Hue.

Scratch that; I didn't want to leave the air conditioned heaven that was my hotel room in Da Nang. It was sweltering outside, yet reluctantly, I went. (There seems to be a strange phenomenon since passing my teenage years where I am easily guilt-tripped into going anywhere in the name of family bonding.) 

I'm glad I braved (read: sweat) it out to experience Hue in all of its historic glory. My dad and I trekked throughout Hue's imperial palace and old temples. And while he was the one dragging me out of the hotel room at first, it was he who opted out of visiting the last location of our three stop tour, choosing to sit in the car on his iPad while I sweat my way through yet another temple with our tour guide.

Thanks, dad.

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The day after I visited Hue, we took a short motorcycle ride to Hoi An (in the evening to escape the afternoon heat). Lots of tourists, lanterns, and restaurants by the river. A relaxing end to my wonderful 4 city jaunt throughout Vietnam.

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Wearing- Uniqlo shirt, Muji polka dotted skirt, Marais USA oxfords, Steven Alan sunglasses, Whistles crossbody bag, and a sweet striped hat I bought from a street vendor in Hue for TWO DOLLARS.