Asia Diaries: Saigon, Vietnam

Three books, five "This American Life" episodes, one stopover in Taipei, and sixteen hours on a plane later, I'm in Saigon, Vietnam. It all feels familiar since it's only been a year since I've been here. Traffic is still crowded and frantic with motorcycles, cars, bicycles, and carts trying to dodge each other, the pollution is still prevalent because of this, and the humidity is still relentless. Only this time around, I feel a lot more open minded, and since I've already experienced the culture shock last time I was here, I get to dive right into the good parts: catching up with family members, gorging myself with amazing Vietnamese food (home cooked and street food), reading in cafes to dodge the heat, and watching the city go by on a motorcycle. To be blunt, I haven't done much more than these things. My day consists of sleeping in, waking up to rich Vietnamese coffee, enjoying a nice meal with family friends and relatives, reading which segues to a nap, going around the city to run errands and visit other friends and relatives, playing with my dad's dogs, good dinner, repeat.

And because of this, I can't say I've done too much of the tourist-y things here in Saigon, which is fine by me. I'm living like an extremely lazy (and content) local. 

Photo Aug 29, 8 40 58 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 27, 5 59 14 AM.jpg