Beaches of Da Nang

About 375 miles north of Saigon is a beach city right along the coast called Da Nang. I've always had this terrible misconception that Vietnam is relatively small. The country itself gets pretty narrow especially throughout the middle, but when I found out that a trip from Saigon in the south to Da Nang was a few miles less than the distance it takes to get from San Jose to San Diego-- just to get to the middle. Essentially, Vietnam stretches out to be a bit more than 1000 miles long. 

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Okay, I'll spare you all the numerical comparisons that I've been digging up throughout my trip. Da Nang is just breathtaking. As soon as you step outside, you're all up in the salty ocean air- the kind that makes you want to stay outside despite the humidity making your hair all matted and gritty. Da Nang boasts several bridges that are adorned with colorful LED bulbs all over, playing out different patterns and streaks of light as soon as the clock strikes 6 PM- the most famous of which is the Dragon Bridge. And of course, no beach city would be complete without beachside cafes, fresh seafood restaurants, and tropical fruit stands. At the beach, the water is clear and warm, and the sand is clean; it's a city that's dangerously easy to get used to and fall in love with. And I think I have.

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