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Packing it up

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I've been packing up and wrapping up a lot of things lately as I get ready for my 3 week excursion throughout Southeast Asia. It's been tedious; I've been packing my things so I can move into a new apartment in Davis, packing things up to bring back to San Jose, and then packing things into my suitcase. Hectic. Anyways I'll throw in a couple thoughts that I've been hoping to close out in my blog before I dive into Asia posts.


a huge shoutout to Marais USA for featuring me on their blog! I've always been spamming their Instagram feed whenever I take pictures of my oxfords, which of course, I wear just about everywhere. They've said some really nice words about me, and I'm humbled. I knew I liked the company when I first read a feature of them on Refinery 29's website showcasing their lookbook of a new season's collection of shoes. Think picnic blankets, cute plants, and shoes everywhere- oxfords, flats, and simple sandals in the mix. Oxfords and flats tend to be an afterthought for many shoe companies. It's refreshing to see a company focus on it and execute the craft so well. The same day I found out about them, I immediately bought a pair for myself that has passed the test through all of my shenanigans. Thank you Marais!

Next, thoughts while packing and stubborn style.  

While I was packing for Asia and having vivid flashbacks of the weather I would soon be experiencing again, I freaked out. If you've ever been to Southeast Asia, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The second you step out the doors of the airport, you are slammed with hot, muggy, sticky humidity. It's much harder to travel in Asia and avoid the weather. 

I'm going to suffer in Asia for my inability to adapt my wardrobe. We'll see how it goes.


I've gotten lots of  questions on my OOTD posts and I'd thought I would make a bit of a compilation here. I originally hoped to do  individualized posts for these, but due to general laziness, I opted against doing so. I don't think there is anything complex about my wardrobe; I'm usually dressing for comfort, but I pay close attention to material and fit more so than I have in the past. And I've managed to find what works well for me and I tend to repeat the same formula. 



Photo Aug 25, 9 25 21 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 25, 9 24 55 PM.jpg

On the left- J Crew checkered button up, Club Monaco jeans, Marais oxfords

On the right- Everlane t-shirt and tote bag, H&M boyfriend jeans, Marais oxfords



Photo Aug 05, 12 10 25 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 20, 1 38 56 PM.jpg

On the left-  Gap button up, Muji striped sweater, Club Monaco jeans, Rachel Comey boots

On the right-  J Crew  button up, Club Monaco skirt, APC striped sweater, Everlane backpack, Rachel Comey boots

And Steven Alan sunglasses on everything? I have other sunglasses, I swear.  

Off I go! See you later, America.